Postknight 2 Tips and Tricks for character upgrades, gameplay progress and more

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Postknight 2 is a brand new delivery RPG from developers Kurechii. After the first game's success in 2017, Postknight 2 is here, and so far, it has proved to be a better title than its predecessor. 


Like the first game, Postknight 2 sees you take up the mantle and play as a proud Postknight whose job it is to carry other people's cargo straight to them all around the globe. 


But unlike a regular delivery game, this one has impediments that will try to stop you from delivering your cargo. But to fortify you on this adventure, you'll be equipped with a sword and a shield, and then it'll be up to you to fulfill these deliveries and make yourself one of the most iconic Postknights ever. 


So in this article, we'll be helping you with tips and tricks that'll guide you towards completing these missions and delivering your items successfully without anything stopping you and, more important, help you get up to speed with the game's concepts. 


Allocate Points to Make your Character Stronger

The enemies in this game aren't only powerful, but they can also be very stubborn. After every enemy is killed, you are rewarded with EXP, which summed up and became your overall EXP for that level. Killing enemies increases your level meter. Once this meter is filled up, your character will level up and receive special points that can be used to improve his overall attributes, making him more powerful. 


Like most RPG titles out there, Postknight 2 comes with 4 main character attributes: Agility, Vitality, Strength, and Intelligence (your character will need that one against the enemies in this game). 


So you need to allocate these battle points to the most important attributes, which can differ according to how you enjoy playing the game. However, allocating points to Strength will increase the damage dealt with enemies using your sword. If you allocate points to Agility, your character's dodge and critical rate will increase. On the other hand, intelligence increases your character's defense and EXP points and lets them gain more. And lastly, allocating points to your Vitality increases the overall health of your character. 


So, depending on which you wish to concentrate on, allocating these points is important in Postknight 2. 


Postknight 2 Mobile Game


Never Miss an Opportunity to Upgrade an Equipment

As stated in our beginner's guide article, upgrading your equipment will always be an important part of Postknight 2 and many RPG titles out there. We recommend upgrading your equipment before embarking on any delivery quest. However, you will need certain materials before you can upgrade this equipment. 


If you need help with upgrading your equipment, simply visit your Blacksmith as they will assist you in any aspect of upgrading in terms of weapons and shields. You can upgrade these items using the materials you were rewarded with during and after battles. Other than the chest you get after a completed level, every defeated enemy also drops materials you can use. 


Keep your eye on the home screen for any sign of a hammer icon with a green arrow pointing upwards. This means that an upgrade is available. Tapping on the button will showcase all of the items you've gathered. Below are what you get by upgrading your equipment:


  • Upgrading your sword increases your overall attack.
  • Upgrading your Shield will increase its persistence and reduce damage received from close or far-ranged enemies. 
  • Upgrading your armor increases your overall defense level against enemy attacks. 
  • Upgrading your helmet gives you an instant increase in your HP and X points, even if they're maxed out. 


Postknight 2 Equipment Upgrade


Aim for Permanent Bonus

Collecting items like shields, helmets, weapons, and armor to complete a particular set will see you get cool bonus rewards. For instance, if you get the Novice's Buckler, Sword, Helmet, and Garb, you'll complete the Novice's set, which will see you get up to 10% more gold and equipment from loot chests when the quest is completed. 


If you prefer to see the list of equipment sets, click on the Blacksmith, it'll showcase all the required items you need to complete a set as well all the ones you've amassed so far. Completing all Tier 1 sets automatically unlocks Tier 2 sets which the next tier contains better and more precious equipment. 


Postknight 2 Permanent Bonus


Don't forget your Pre-registration 

The developers have included pre-registration rewards for pre-registered players and those who didn't. You can get these rewards even if you don't pre-register for the game before its release. 


There aren't all that great as pre-registration rewards, but they'll keep your in-game currency slot occupied for a while. You'll be given 6,000 gold coins and 130 gems. It's not bad, considering you get it even if you didn't exactly pre-register for it. You can collect these rewards from the Inbox section because there isn't any pop-up that reminds you of it. 


Additionally, remember to hit the shop once in a while and increase your chances of getting cool rewards by watching ads. An interesting feature that the developers didn't allow to die down was the gifting. The game lets you gift treats, flowers, etc., to girls in an attempt to win their love. And just as you give, you will also receive a gift in return. 


After gifting someone you like with something, you have to see through a kind of cool-down. You can then gift the girl other things you know they like, such as coins, materials, or goodies. And lastly, if you decide to ignore your love interest by not sending them gifts, this could break their hearts. So start sending those gifts while the cool-down timer is still running.


Postknight 2 Rewards



That's it from us on the tips and tricks for Postknight 2, and we hope the article has been helpful in helping you get the hang of the game. If you want something that better elaborates the game's controls, see our beginner's guide instead. 

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